the origin of saint elsewhere

by the velveteen circuit

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[part one]

st. elsewhere was born in a drugstore parking lot,
the bastard son of st. nowhere and a thousand empty promises
they call him Mickey for short and he's worth his weight in copper, at the very least

to be continued...


released April 27, 2016



all rights reserved


the velveteen circuit Boston, Massachusetts

Sad pop from Boston, MA.

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I smell blood.
Pats on the back for every lip that you stain.
Your drugstore lipstick’s not the prize of this game,
though, i’d do anything to be in your way

and bugs bunny’s on TV in the waiting room
theres only room for two here and i’m lonely at side
and i’m siding with the walls now
with walls theres space to hide and i will shift into the background
i’ll blend into the wide open spaces of a city that will never live us down.

theres beauty in the way the fluorescents hit your eyes
theres beauty in the sound of moths mistaken for butterflies
and bugs bunny’s on TV in the waiting room
theres only room for two here and i’m lonely at side
Track Name: Mickey Elsewhere
put myself in the corner of a house with no sunlight (the i learned to walk in)
how are you getting home tonight?
i tell myself hat theres more to life than wishing you could fall forever
I dont wanna be rude but its cold and you’re wearing my only sweater

I’m afraid of living
i’m afraid to die by your side
and you know this wasn’t an accident its more of less a sign of the times

i’m afraid of being myself
i’m afraid to live with my hands gripped around the neck of another
with a sister and a brother
and a tendency to break walls down

the only time i feel okay is when I am alone
and even with my eyes glued to the sun I’m so cold
i tell myself hat theres more to life than wishing i could catch a break
i don’t know what to do with my hands or my feet or this headache

///mickey was a friend of ours
waiting for the world to end
in a parking lot downtown
where he made friends with astronauts and people wearing polka dots
and folks who wandered far from their nightgowns
a hometown hero he would be
if he could only make them see that he is worth his weight in copper, at the very least
he is an artist and a thief
and he’s actually the kind of person that i aspire to be///
Track Name: Lie in the grass, its good for you
taking clues from the lights in your eyes
as if to say “the dark comes silently and it comes form inside

and it lives in person
and it comes from time to time
and it peers outs of eyes disguised."

of all the houses in the neighborhood, yours was the
closest to the path we used to get to the woods and in the woods we would pretend we were adults and we’d kiss, it went on
and subtle words came out like: "taking hints from the darkness inside. its observable, its powerful and it comes from the sky
and our only hope comes from our eyes like tears that we cry… and we cry.”
Track Name: d o g t o w n
the lords of dogtown came
to tell us how to end
on brightly colored heels
mosquito bitten friends
it needed quietly and only dogs remained
the final women bullied out
a desperate search of who to blame.

and echoes through the cellerholed earth breed awful memories for ghosts,
for families who had to go, and dogs who bleed and bleed out slow

i’m gonna feel what it feels like
to have my head hit the either side of the room
and you can’t do anything about it. why would you?

i’m gonna see what it feels like
to have my teeth hit the cracks in the concrete
i thought you saw me pacing around the devil’s turf in this devil town

whoa, its not your typical municipality.
it is a tragedy
it is a hole that you can’t fall in
it is a bee you can’t this sting
its not your typical municipality.

its glorious/its gory
its glory.

Julee Cruise: Tell your heart, don't let me die

I want you
Rockin' back inside my heart
I want you
Rockin' back inside my heart